The other islands

If you are looking for adventure, here are some great places to visit and ride.You can kite in all french polynesia islands but the following places are supposed to be proven great kiting spots:

  • Raiatea with it’s great ESE to E trade winds. You can kite downtown in front of the hospital or go along the coast. there are a few kiteboarders there and you may have to share the lagoon with some sailboats as the place is famous for sailing. The island is wide and you may ride with every wind direction.... but you’ll have to drive!
  • Tahaa in front of Raiatea offers a great lagoon that catch most of the winds. Coastal acceleration is quite low but some place are awesomes!!! You can cross from Raiatea if you have a boat to follow you. The island is just like a sleeping beauty...
  • Huahine offers usually  lighter winds than Raiatea and moorea but the atmosphere of the island is mind blowing!
  • Bora Bora despite it’s mass  tourism sickness offers an awesome lagoon that works perfectly from SE to E winds. The lagon is mind blowing, the inner island doesn’t have so much charm...
  • Maupiti is a tiny Bora without the big hotels. this is one of my favorite destination. You’ll share your ride with turtles, sharks and maybe mantas.
  • Tetiaroa is Marlon Brando’s private atoll. You cannot stay for the night on the island for the moment but going there on a sail boat is like tasting paradise for a day.
  • Tubuai offers some of the best winds of French Polynesia but there is not a lot of extra activities to do one the island except hiking and biking.
  • Raivavae may be the Polynesian pearl for kiteboarders. Consistent winds and great lagoon, it worth the price of the ticket!!!But don’t look forward a bar or a night club...

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